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Avoid having too many people during showing. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house.


  • music is mellow 


But not when showing a house. Turn off the blaring radio or television. Let the salesperson and buyer talk, free of disturbances. Background “soft-playing” music is okay.

  • Pets Underfoot?                                                                                                                          

Keep pets out of the way- preferably out of the house. Many people are actually uncomfortable around some animals.


  • Silence is Golden


Be courteous but don’t force conversation with the potential buyer. He wants to inspect your house, not pay a social call.

  • Be It Ever So Humble                                                                                                            


Never apologize for the appearance of your home. After all, it has been lived in. Let the trained salesperson answer any objections. This is their job.


  • Make Yourself Scarce When House Hunters Arrive                                                                       


Let the agent handle it, and remove yourself from their presence if you possibly can. Remember that A agent has worked with these people and knows what they’re looking for, and how to work with them. Let him or her do the job without interference. You may feel that an agent isn’t showing the important features of your Home to the prospect, but that agent knows people aren’t sold by details until they’ve become emotionally involved with the big picture of your home.


  • Why Put the Cart Before the Horse                                                                                           

Trying to dispose of furniture and furnishings to potential buyers before he/she has purchased the house often loses a sale.


  • A Word to the Wise                                                                                                                     

Let your Realtor discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the prospect. He/she is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.

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