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              The Role of a realtor in pricing

  • there is no "exact price" for real estate

  • I do not tell you what your home is "worth"

  • the market determines value...we together determine the price

  • I bring the market...the market Brings your price.

  • I will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area.

  • you determine the price based on factors you control:

    • Marketing Time

      • Foreclosure = Less time

      • Retirement = more time

    • Financing Alternatives

      • FHA/FHA 203K

      • Conventional

      • Private Money Mortgage

    • Condition

      • Updated Baths and Kitchen

      • Original Baths and Kitchen

      • Cleanliness

    • Exposure Methods

      • Yard Sign or No Yard Sign

      • MLS, Exclusive or For Sale by owner

      • Web Photos/Video or No Web Photos/Video

  • Proper Pricing means exposure to more Buyers

    • More Buyers means more money to sellers

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